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non-profit institution, incorporated in the State of Michigan on July 11, 1975. 

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Purpose: To promote, foster and encourage the understanding of the Romanian immigrants in the United States and their role in the social and cultural stream of American life; to create and maintain a centralized place for the gathering of publications, literature and memorabilia relating to the Romanian immigrant; to make available information about the Romanian immigrant and his impact on the democratic society of our country; to print, publish, distribute and circulate books, pamphlets, periodicals, papers and magazines in connection with the activities of the Corporation; to provide for the delivery and holding of exhibitions, public meetings and conferences calculated directly or indirectly advance the understanding of the Romanian-American heritage in the United States; to acquire, buy, construct, establish and maintain, equip, and operate buildings or other establishments for the purposes aforesaid; to perform and aid all functions in furtherance of its legitimate interests as a research center.

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